Footagehead 1.3.4

Local and remote image browser


  • Easy to navigate through photos
  • Original idea


  • Thumbnails too small
  • Doesn't use enough screen estate to be useful


Keep a lot of pictures? Need some way to browse them quickly? Footagehead is an easy-to-use image browser that does what you'd expect from an image browser, plus some handy extras.

Footagehead is a user friendly way to store and access your images remotely. It features everything you need to quickly find, browse and display your photos. Plus, you can configure keyboard shortcuts to flip through directories instantly and a slideshow feature which presents your pictures in a projector style.

Footagehead images can be extracted from any HTML page, or even from RSS streams such as a Flickr photostream. It can also read Zip, RAR and LHA/LZH archive formats. Footaghead tries to take an innovative approach to handling images but there are many problems with it. One is that the thumbnails that go down the side are so small you can hardly read them. When you do expand them, they don't even fill up the entire screen so displaying them is poorly thought out.

Footagehead is a decent idea but let down by some design flaws that would otherwise have seen it score more highly.

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Footagehead 1.3.4

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